Watson’s fascination with music began as a youth in Ohio where he would often dig into his father’s record collection of jazz, funk, and soul, while at the same time constantly listening to the local radio station for the latest hip-hop and R&B hits. With this as the foundation, his first foray into DJing came in the form of house parties and student events at Kent State University, where he attended college. There his sets would consist of R&B, pop and hip-hop hits, as well as the original tracks these songs sampled from.

Moving to New York City to pursue a career in apparel and graphic design, Watson became exposed to a wider variety of music and in the process rediscovered his love for DJing. He began to hone his eclectic style at neighborhood bars such as Sweet Paradise in the Lower East Side and playing for the downtown set at Beatrice Inn and The Jane Hotel. Through relationships in the fashion, art, and design communities he began to expand into playing at various film premier events, fashion shows, and parties for various brands such as Earnest Sewn, Lacoste, and Max Mara.

Currently Watson spins at some of the hottest venues in NYC including Paul's Casablanca, Acme, and The Blond. It is his goal to continue to grow and evolve as a DJ while consistently delivering the perfect play list for every event and party.


Photographer: Ike Edeani